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Paying Invoices Early
Had a Mutual Benefit
The Most Innovative Brands
in the World Automate and
Maximize Supplier Discounts
A Million Dollars in Early Payment
Savings is Guaranteed
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Trading Relationships are
Improved While Millions are
Added to Your Bottom Line
White House SupplierPay Taulia's Customers Are the World's Largest: Imagine What $1,000,000 Could Buy... Largest U.S. Utility Deploys Taulia in 2011 with an ROI of >2000%
Suppliers can basically see into our ERP system, it's great. It's given our suppliers visibility that they never had.Sylvia Perfetto, PG&E
Dynamic discounting represents real, hard dollar savings that go directly to our bottom line.Ben Shaffer, PG&E
It's super easy to find an integrator, there are tons of them out there. A true business partner is really difficult to find, and this is what we've found in Taulia. We really consider them a partner.Steve Richards, COKE
We always ask ourselves, how did we do it before Taulia?Marcia Golden, COKE
We don’t only see Taulia as a product we just bought. We see Taulia as an opportunity to transform who we are, into who we want to be.Rodney Pless, Tyson
When you look at the functionality Taulia offers, I think the fact that you can take vendor self-service, vendor master maintenance, eInvoicing, and dynamic discounting, and combine all those into one product in a very cost effective way, really made this an easy decision for us.Brian Kurtz, Hallmark
The benefit with Taulia, is that our suppliers now have the ability to meet our requirements, but it doesn't cost them anything.James Donvan, Home Depot
So what do you call an accounts receivable manager with a smile on their face? A Taulia Customer.Pete Loughlin, Purchasing Insight
Taulia is capturing an impressive number of SAP customers who leverage its capability to drive effective dynamic discounting programs while also automating how suppliers interact with AP departments.Jason Busch, Spend Matters

Tired of the Ineffective Status Quo forManaging Your Supply Chain?The Taulia Business Exchange is Your Solution

Supplier Self-ServicesAllow your suppliers to
be self-sufficient
Dynamic DiscountingAdd millions to your bottom line with automated supplier discounts
Taulia Enhanced DiscountingFlexible financing for your
entire supply chain
eInvoicingEliminate paper from your
supply chain
Taulia Supplier FinanceAddress the needs of all suppliers with innovative supply chain finance
ePaymentsNo more expensive, manual
paper checks
Supplier Info ManagementReduce administrative overhead by empowering your suppliers

Feeling Overwhelmed with the Complexitiesof Your Supply Base?Put Taulia Now to Work for You

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Taulia Now

The success of any supplier facing program is education, enablement and adoption. Taulia Now takes the burden off your shoulders and manages the success of this process.

Full implementation within 12 weeks. Support forever.

Taulia is Making the World a Better Place

Currently Serving 99 Countries

Here at Taulia, we’re working to change the world and we’ve started by helping businesses better partner with one another.

We’re passionate about helping big businesses do something impactful with their excess liquidity, while allowing small businesses to get easier and inexpensive access to cash. We founded Taulia with a single aspiration: to increase productivity by improving processes, automating manual tasks and building solutions that make a real difference.

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